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Friday, June 10, 2011

Training Bus

There seems to be more training buses around these days. I guess it's either:
- the government is putting pressure on bus companies to provide more services
- the bus companies having changed buses, so they need to train new drivers on how to drive the new buses.

Training Bus

It was the first time I was just next to a stationary training bus.
Ooo. The trainer just stack two chairs and sit and train the bus driver.

Guess what? My colleague thought I was mad when I said I wanted to get all the different kind of driving license in Singapore. I was thinking of getting a Class 4A - Omnibus license!
I was thinking of getting a flying license once too! (I have flown a Cessna for around 15 mins before!)

After doing all the research about getting a license, I realise that I have to submit the application through SMRT or SBS Transit. Hmm... I don't want to work for them, I just want to get the license for my own ego collection. I think the urge to get the license started when Kim Ng got a license! I want too!

Anyone also wants to get a bus license? ;-P

1 comment:

chillycraps said...

how about tour coach licence?

Actually I wanted to have a fork lift licence, hahaha :P