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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tree Planting Singapore Style

What is this photo showing?
Tree planting Singapore style! An hour before this photo was taken, it was just a green patch of grass.

A moment later, foreign workers (a species that Singapore folks always complain about, but really can't live without them, just like Singapore folks and air-conditioning) are there to dig a big hole in the ground and then with their hurculean strength (with the help of machines) puts the plants in place.

They will then cover up the soil with some new grass patch and tada! a beautiful manicured garden.

Tree Planting Singapore Style

We all live in instant world, and I think I like the way they plant tress in Singapore.
Everything looks so nice instantly.

But I wonder if the roots of these trees will go deep enough into the ground. Will they survive when there is a thunderstorm? I think their roots are shallow and don't go deep in the ground. 

Tree Planting Singapore Style

Here's another bigger tree that's going to be transplanted into the ground.
I wonder if these trees are planted in Singapore or is it from Johor, Malaysia?
Talking about trees, do you also know that in Singapore there is something called a Heritage Tree?
It's something like a Heritage building, that is earmarked to be preserved.

Heritage Trees are trees that has gracefully matured in this country over the years (and I am pretty sure, instant trees above are excluded even if they have lived here for a long time). In Singapore, trees and buildings have to always give way to the so called 'renewal process'. Heritage trees are given immunity just like in the reality show "Survivor".


Anonymous said...

The 'renewal process' is not just for the trees and buildings, it also people to the Singaporean citizen. Of course those old-guard of Singapore are given the Heritage status in politic :)

Unknown said...

Oh ya

For humans, you can add in Emeritus to their title. ;-p

Environmental Awareness Training said...

I'm a bit curious about your name... Why you call yourself Keropok Man? Uhmm do you own this tree? I thought it was just small.. but then the second picture look more bigger than the first one.