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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SMRT Train Depot Ulu Pandan.

Everytime I pass by this place, I have an urge to take a photo of it. So here it is.
Since the last 'Swiss Invasion', I think security has been tightened.

I always wonder if SMRT is going to organise some guided tours of the depot. I think many people would be interested. Probably not for everyone, but for people who takes the trains very frequently. They could always check the transaction records on our EZ Link / Flashpay cards to see how often people take their trains.

If McDonald's have Open Doors for their kitchen, Universities have Open Days, why not SMRT having an Open Train Day?

MRT Train Depot - Ulu Pandan

Looking at the huge space they occupy reminds me of Melbourne. When I was living and studying there long ago, it was all ugly tracks near the Flinders Street station. What they have done is to cover it and made it into Federation Square. It's now a place where everyone gathers.

I wonder if they can do something similar. This depot is not below ground like in Melbourne, so I guess they just can't cover things up. But they can use the space below the huge depot right?

Build a flood retaining pond below it? That will be a very very huge retaining pond. Water from Bukit Timah Canal can be diverted to Ulu Pandan River along Clementi Road. Ulu Pandan River overflow can be diverted to below the Ulu Pandan Depot. Sounds ridiculous? LOL. The train depot is too far from Ulu Pandan River? That's the point right? Let is flow.....

Or divert the excess flood water into the South Tunnel of the S$3.65 billion Deep Tunnel Sewerage System?

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