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Monday, June 06, 2011

Water..... Floods...

There was a huge downpour yesterday and many places got flooded. I always thought Singapore IS an island, surrounded by water, of course it will flood when it rains too heavily.

It floods in the US, Europe, Australia even our neighbouring countries Malaysia, Indonesia etc.
At least when in floods here, it recedes within a few hours.

It seems that the 'cheng hu' / government reacts rather quickly now. We don't expect them to do much, but since they just promised in the recent election to do something, might as well complain to the core to get things that will supposedly be done in the future to be fixed immediately. After all, we paid our taxes.

water water, the ground can't suck in anymore water....

You can see the photos of other floods online, I thought this photo looks like what Singapore was maybe 20 years ago?

Old style fencing. Water puddles. Open fields, usually a school's field.
Boys will soon play football again and they will all be super muddy!

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at Newton Circus.

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