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Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I like to look at buildings and take photos of them. I also like to dig out information about buildings.
Phase 1 of Fusionopolis was designed by Japanese architect, Kisho Noriaki Kurokawa.


I always wondered how they can think of such nice designs in the first place.
Is that why an architecture degree takes such a long time to complete?


Who's at Fusionopolis? A*Star, Linden Research Labs (think Second Life), Media Development Authority (MDA) and even Asian Food Channel's office!

Just for your information, the architectural firm Kisho Kurokawa Architects also designed Singapore Flyer and also Wheelock Place. For some of you who thinks Wheelock Place has similarities with Melbourne Central (ie the glass cones), well, they were designed by the same architects!


Petrus said...

I'm very impressed with the architecture .. swish looking building.

Unknown said...

Yes Petrus,

Very nice design indeed!

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