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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Singapore Science Festival 2011 : 22 to 28 July 2011 @ Suntec Convention Hall 401

The Singapore Science Festival 2011 is back again! If you have not been attending the Science Festival, it's an annual event that celebrates the dynamism of science, engineering, technology and biomedicine. It's organised by the Science Centre Singapore and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

One of the interesting part of the Science Festival is X-periment! where the latest innovations and research by Singapore's research and tertiary institutions are featured. I was there last year at Marina Square for X-periment, were you there too? I was a triple science student and these science and geeky stuff intrigues me till today!

Talking about Marina Square, don't you think it was getting too crowded the last few years? The organisers seems to notice it too and this year, the Singapore Science Festival will be at the Suntec Convention Hall 401 from 22 to 28 July. There are also satellite events from 23 July to 13 August.

X-periment! is on tomorrow and this weekend! Go check it out at Suntec Convention Hall 401.

To find out more about the festival, you can visit:
If you prefer news coming to your Facebook streams, "like" their Facebook page at

This year I had a special preview of the event yesterday.

Jim Lenz

We saw this American Science teacher which also happens to be a Science Entertainer performed for us.  He name is Jim Lenz. What a cool science teacher! How I wished my science teacher was as entertaining as he was when I was a kid!

He performed some magic tricks and all of us were so intrigue. Either he was very fast, or I was distracted by his t-shirt that was the periodic table!

Jim Lenz

He did some science experiments and even showed us how to make instant ice cream using materials that we can get easily. He also showed us how to make instant ice cream with a fire extinguisher!

I am not sure if he will demo it during the Science Festival, but go down to Suntec Convention Hall 401 this weekend probably to take a look!

If you want to see what he did, visit the Science Festival Facebook page. A video of what he did has been posted up!

Yarin Kimor

At the preview, we also met Yarin Kimo. He is a expert in the field of creative thinking. He uses magic tricks to demonstrate how to think differently and constantly develop new ideas.

He performed some experiments that left us so curious how he did it. He said he won't reveal to us, but will disclose the answer during the festival.

The robes on the table, it was used to cut through himself! Intriguing! Watch him do it at the Facebook page too!

Herself - Catalytic Clothing

Heard of a air-purifying dress?
This is "Herself", potentially the world’s first air-purifying dress!

The science centre 'scientist' explained to us how it works.

You know cars have catalytic converters in the exhaust have catalyst that stimulates a chemical reaction to convert harmful pollutants into less toxic or inert substances. (eg hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide).

The dress has nano catalyst being part of the textile used for making the dress. The catalyst works the same way and cleans the air around it.

Herself - Catalytic Clothing

Someone said it's a £9000 dress!
Want to take a look? Head down to the Singapore Science Festival 2011!


Stefan Jansson said...

Seems like a interesting event. I can't even remember if I had a science teacher.

Lucas Kain said...

9000$ DRESS?! That's a lot. I would definitely come, always been fascinated with science, but I live pretty far away from Sin. ;( Still, liked the facebook page for you! Hope it goes well.

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