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Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Wedding Day

I assume everyone expects wedding photos today :-)
Here it is. The faces shown in these 2 photos are purposely smaller and not close up, because these people are shy and do not want to be known throughout the world. Even the bride and groom has only side profile. haha...

The empty lawn was transformed into this. Beautiful white chairs and handsome men and pretty ladies all taking a seat under the hot singapore sun.

The beautiful bride and the handsome groom. Charles & Elaine.


Details: said...

Hope that the rain of these few days didn't spoil the wedding. :)

Jing said...

cheerful view.
best wishes to the new couple!

and dont forget the lantern festival!!

nice time.

Su said...

What a lovely setting to get married in!

Dsole said...

oh, congratulations to the newly-wed!
This is a great place to celebrate it!