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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How many mops does it take to do the job?

I was walking around the CBD the other day, and saw this! It was in the back lanes and wow, so many mops being sunned.

What kind of mops do you use? I dun use mops like this anymore, I find that they do not clean the house well. We use Kao Magiclean mops, so easy to use :-)


edwin s said...

You ah! Real kiasu! These mops are great as long as you replace them. I still use them at home. Got 6. Those magic mop things have never worked for me. Sorry leh.

So, bought your tickets? I'mm definately watching the show this Saturday night.

Olivier said...

oh des marionnettes ;o) surprenante photo, bravo

oh of the puppets ;O) surprising photo, cheer

Oya said...

What a funny catch :)

Sally said...

I'm with you...I reckon all these mops do is push dirty water around from place to place!

Andreea said...

i'm not a mop person myself but love the photo. lucky shot. lazy mops :)

Jing said...

interesting shot!
and i use mops like this one and magic one as well.
though, which one is better?? i think it depends on the floor....


Pat said...

What a great picture!

I don't use a mop like this now. Most of the time I use a Swiffer! Or I get down and do it by hand.

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Unknown said...

i got no helper to clean our home, so we have to do it ourselves. so we always buy new stuff that supposedly make cleaning easier! haha..

well, as they say, clean broom sweeps clean. LOL.