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Sunday, March 18, 2007

A duck that behaves like a bus and a boat.

Duck is usually food right? Or things you see swimming in ponds.

But this duck in Singapore is a gigantic monster that can move on land and sail in the sea too.

The Duck Tour sure is one popular tourist ride. I wish to take it too. haha.. I have not played tourist for some time now. Maybe it's time to play tourist in your own city again :-)


Jazzy said...

looks like fun Keropok.. when you get on one it would be great to see some photos..

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

Don't remember anything like this when we were there in 2001 -- sounds a fun tour.

Kate said...

What an unusual "craft."

kaa said...

ah i remember this 'duck' from raymond's blog. watever happened to him? i'll defintely be a tourist this summer there.. lots of new things to see and do.

Ben Nakagawa said...

What a good idea to be a tourist in own town. I may find something new again.

Jing said...

hee hee...
seems spring is the Duck season, whatever real or unreal.

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