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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rubbing Shoulders with Strangers at the IT Show.

Where is almost the whole population of Singapore heading to since Thursday? Everyone has descended on Suntec City, where the annual IT show is held.

It's a crazy sale of IT and Electronic products. Even if you have nothing to buy, joining the crowd is fun for some people.

If you miss it, today's the last day of the show. I bought more memory cards. 1 1.0GB Sandisk micro SD card ($26) and 1 2.0GB Sandisk ultra II MemoryStick Pro Duo ($89). It comes with a card reader, and 1 movie ticket as well! MicroSD is for my o2 Graphite mobile phone, and Memorystick to take more photos. haha...

It spreads 3 floors of Suntec City this year. This is at Level 6.

Also at Level 6, where most of the stuff on this floor are peripherals.

Just look at the people. Taking the escalator down, and glancing down, you already feel congested.

At level 4 where all the printers and cameras are. I am waiting to upgrade my camera, but the model I want is not out in the market yet. Patience....

What are you waiting for? Hurry down!


Fleck said...

No wonder IMM looks so empty. I've gone to the wrong place. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm meeting a friend to go down there today. Checking out laptops. But when I look at the crowd I get turned off already man. At COMEX 2006 I remember moving at the pace of 1 meter every 10 seconds because it was just too darn crowded!

koeiru said...

look like lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

I only knew about it yesterday and wanted to rush down to buy a printer.

But I freaked out last minute at the thought of squeezing with so many people, and I was told printers won't be much cheaper there too due to their tight profit margin.

So maybe a trip to Harvey Norman post IT show will be a better idea for me haha!

Ming the Merciless said...

What kind of camera do you have? Am thinking of upgrading mine to a Canon PowerShot SD630. It's like US$300+.

Jing said... many people!!
where i am afraid to go is the places like this. but sometimes, eps. like this kind of IT Show, the price is so attractive.
mmm...go and hurry down!!!

have the nice weekend.

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Unknown said...

if you wanna go there, you need lots of patience and loads of time.

by the way, i bought my cameras all during IT shows, but not from IT show itself. I go to the normal shops during IT show and ask them for similar deals that they have.

You wont go mad there.

But IT show's a great place to see what technology is going around. It's interesting to see how obsolete I have become!

Ming, I use Sony cameras. It's a bit obsolete both cameras I have. I am waiting for the new one that is coming out in May. Let's see if I get tempted. LOL...

Fleck, IMM is empty because half the population is in Suntec, the other half is in NUS, NTU and SMU! LOL..

Veron, might be a good place to see see what's being offered in the market :-) Have lots of patience!

Kloudiaa, it seems this year's all about all in one printers. HP laserjet colour is now like 500 plus only!

Jing, Koeiru, enjoy your weekend :-)

JaamZIN said...

i am not surprised that an IT exhibition is so crowded in Singapore:)Its an IT country:)

Dsole said...

wow! lots of people there!!!

Zannnie said...

I bought one 4.0Gigabyte Memory Stick :) heh heh...

and ohhh it was so jammed-pack like crazy!!! From City link's escalator all the way to Suntec Convention Centre...totally packed becos all the escalators broke down...

p.s. can't resist the temptation of going to IT show;) despite so crowded when i was there (i went on Sunday;))