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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Short-sighted? Do you know you can still be a fighter pilot??!!

Do you know that you can still be a pilot if you are short-sighted till 499 degrees?

This was someone that I discovered when I saw this billboard at the bus stop.

Colleague said that they will send you for lasik. Is it true?


Anonymous said...

If i'm not wrong, you can be a pilot, just not a fighter pilot. For example fly helicopters and transport aircraft

Mandi said...

Interesting - great advert though. Very eye catching.

Anonymous said...

in some cases, lasik can have some nasty after effect, i read

Anonymous said...

Interesting pictures. Very eye-catching images.
720 pixels

Dsole said...

I don't know how much is 500 degrees. i'm going to google it! Because here I think we have differents kinds of measure

Dsole said...

ok, is a degree the same as a dyopter? then it would be 5.00 degree not 500 degree in the ad
i'm getting into some trouble with that!
I have 2.5 dyopter in my left eye but in the right one it reaches until 9 dyopters!!
God save my contact lents!

Andreea said...

well well well. makes me feel extra safe now :)

Anonymous said...

yes, i heard the same thing...they will send you for good hor...think FOC....:O ?
me cannot, both eye, each above 500deg liow!