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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Greenest Power Station in Singapore - Senoko Power, a visit organised by NUSSU SAVE

Recently, the NUS environmental club, NUSSU Students Against Violation of the Earth (SAVE) organized the Green Carnival.

One of the highlights (to me) is the visit to Environment Visits. I have never been to a power station, and wanted to visit!

The visit was interesting. Security was very tight. We had to send our details to be vetted way way before. When we reached in the bus, security came aboard and handed up envelopes for us to put in any mobile phones with cameras and cameras inside.

This picture was taken just before we went in, in the bus! haha..

You might be wondering how I took the next photo since we handed up our cameras? Just before we left, people from Senoko returned our stuff to us, after we have finished all the visitation. They allowed us to take a group photo and they were gracious to take it for us too!

I am impressed that how power is generated and what this company does to make it one of the most efficient and greenest plant in Asia. Singapore does not have any natural resources, so natural gas is the greenest fuel to power production.

Just yesterday, there was a news report that Singapore will have the biggest solar manufacturing complex in the world. Hope that this will boost the greener energy in Singapore.

The visit was made possible by NUSSU SAVE and this lady from the NUS Campus Sustainability Committee. We should applaud them for making significant changes for the environment. Hmmm reading their website, maybe NUS is the greenest education institution in Singapore?

Do you or the organization you work with, do your part for the environment? The organization that I work with, recently set the air-con temperate higher at 25 Celcius. I hope this will reduce our carbon footprint.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post! Natural gas is very cheap (for Singapore), so electricity is artificially low. Conservation is our best hope against peak oil. Glad to see that you are so into the environment here locally - need more like you!

• Eliane • said...

That must have been such an interesting study trip. Very cool.