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Friday, October 26, 2007

Starhub NFC Trial Phone

I thought it will be interesting to trial out a Near Field Communication (NFC) phone. I signed up for the trial and got to be a tester. I have had the phone since two Thursday ago.

I am yet to try out other stuff. But I tested this out. At certain bus stops, when you activate the NFC function and bring it near this logo, you will be able to download info. My bus came, and I did not complete the download. haha.. Another time maybe..

Do you like to be testers for products?
Do your city has similar NFC trials going on?
Those in Singapore, are you on the NFC trial?


Priyan said...

I am interested in testing NFC. How do i signup for that?

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the trial. Since you got your set 2 thursday ago, I think I was not chosen for the trial.

Rather, I was picked for the Maxmobile trial instead. Having lots of fun with it at the moment. Maybe I should blog about it when I got the time.

Unknown said...

Jack n Jill,

Hmm I think they already gave out to the 1000 pple last weekend.

I got an email to participate, that's how I got into the trial.

Maxmobile is great. I am not on that trial, but am paying for it.

I am always checking facebook on the go. ;-p So much more convenient than looking for wifi. No more cut off signals on wifi.

• Eliane • said...

So is it a regular phone? It looks like it has some special features?

Unknown said...


It's a very very basic phone. It's a test phone to test out the NFC technology. I guess that's the special feature.

I can't wait for the phone that you use to take photos to come 'legally' to Singapore. hahah...

Papa Boy said...

Hi keropok,

Wonder what they are offering during this trial? E.g. Who are the merchants and do they have coupon? How it is being top-up etc?