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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Indoor Bus Interchange @ Toa Payoh

This is the first and only indoor bus interchange which Singapore has. This has been built for some years now. Those who use this interchange lots, is grateful for the air condition in hot Singapore.

People will still queue around the stainless steel railings inside. Do you see the glass doors where the exit sign is? That's where the glass doors are. When the bus arrives and is ready board passengers, the glass doors will open and passengers will slowly board the bus.

Passengers can "hide" indoors first, before the bus arrives :P Does your country or city have an indoor terminal or interchange?

There was another post of a outdoor bus interchange earlier last month.


xxoos said...

it's the first but not the only

Ming the Merciless said...

The bus I take to work every day DOES NOT have an indoor interchange so when it rains, you can imagine how messy it gets. I hate it.

I take two subways and a bus to and from work each day. Ugh!

Lynette said...

I've not seen any indoor bus stations in Portland. But we do have lots of small bus shelters which provide some cover from the rain.

• Eliane • said...

We have simple bus shelters, nothing to compare.
With the kind of weather you guys have there it seems like a necessity.

Gerald (SK14) said...

Hyde bus station also has the doors that only open when the bus is alongside. Most of the other bus stations in the area are pretty draughty places.

Anonymous said...

Sengkang and AMK interchange are also indoor ones.