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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Things tourist do in Singapore

Last few day's photos are places where tourist to Singapore will take photos of.

This is another activity that many tourist will do. Get on a boat ride along the Singapore River.

Actually, I have not been on a boat ride in Singapore! I have done it in other cities though. haha... Rowed a kayak along the starting of Yarra River in Melbourne, taken the river cruise along Seine River in Paris, the cruise along Chao Praya in Bangkok, etc..

Do you take river cruises in the cities that you visit? (of course, those cities that have rivers running through them)


Jessica SHI - I am READY! said...

The first foreign land i visited was Malaysia, but such a pity, i havent been to the neighboring country--Singapore yet.But for sure, i will visit there one day as well as cruise along Singapore River. Oh,yah. I still remember i cruise along Mei Nan River in Bangkok with closed-friend,nice memory......

Kerry-Anne said...

Absolutely! It's one of the best ways to see a city, in my opinion - so slow and leisurely. We've done this cruise in Singapore (maybe even on the same boat!), also the Batobus in Paris and a couple of different cruises in Sydney (plus the ferries there, of course). I love it. I have been on a harbour cruise in Cape Town, but the last time was some years ago and so I think we'll have to go again soon to get a shot for our blog.

Ming the Merciless said...

HAHA! Every year, our company hosts a river cruise to celebrate the end of the year but I never go because I don't want to be stuck in the boat for 4 hours. I would have preferred if the party was on land so I can go in, say HI and leave after 45 minutes.

But I did take a river cruise once with some people I volunteer with. We rented an old masted ship from the early 1990s and cruised up and down the Hudson River.

Kate said...

The tourists look entranced. Boat tours or harbor cruises are delightful and pleasurable. Let's see: Paris, San Antonio,Texas, Duluth,Mn, Door County, Wi, Varanasi, India, Florida, Hawaii. There must be more!

• Eliane • said...

You know, I took the touristy cruise around Manhattan Island the first year I was in. I also took the touristy double decker. I tribute these two touristy activities to have burned the NYC map in my brain.
What I should do, probably now since it's fall, find a cruise that goes up on the Hudson River. TO admire the foliage colors.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

love to get out on a river - most recent city trip was in Stockholm. When we were in Singapore we had three boat trips; I did a "bum-boat" trip from Clarke Quay [or Boat Quay - not sure now] on my own in the daytime and later in the evening with my wife. We also took Chinese Junk to Kuso island.
In the UK we've sailed on the Ouse in York, the Dee in Chester. Give us water and an accessible boat trip and we're on it!

Unknown said...

I see many people like cruises a lot! After looking at where you all have taken it, makes me want to take a long leave and visit those places!

So surprise too so many DPs have taken the cruises in Singapore :-)

Next time you all are coming, buzz me, we can meet up for tea or something :-)