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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Free Swedish meatballs in NUS!

Hey, if you are studying or working or loitering around NUS today, you should stop by LT27. Colleagues and I saw this poster.

Hmmm Free meatballs to taste and a chance to win $300 too. Maybe after lunch today, with the remaining lunch hour, it's good to pop by and being a kepo. (busybody). haha...

Any swedish meatball fans out there?


DK said...

Is it free? They didn't say free on the poster leh. Might need to pay.

But if it is free, can da bao some for me? :D

Unknown said...

hmmm ya hor, how come i think its free.

maybe the last time they had a french food thingy, it was free.

Kate said...

Seems like an unusual ad for the Nobel Prize! I like Swedish meatballs, but not too often.

Anonymous said...

Meatballs don't sound too exotic here!

I bet they got them from Ikea. Haha.