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Friday, June 06, 2008

Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Guess my flight..

I am going off for a holiday. Sitting at Burger King and posting this photo up.

Can you guess which flight I am on? ;-)


DK said...

Got any prize for guessing correctly? hee hee

Let me see.... Going Brisbane? QF52? :D

Enjoy your holidays!

chillycraps said...

AK128, the re-timed one!!

nah i'm just kidding.

Anonymous said...

i loooove airport, but the nice one, not the crappy one, like airport in my hometown :s

Neva said...

I don't know where youare going but Ihope you have fun! I am on a whirlwind trip from Chicago to Cincinnati, Ohio, to St. Albans. West Virginia(my hometown to say hi to my mom!)to Manssassas Virginia(suburub of Washington DC) tomorrow to say hi to my sister on her birthday and then home to Chicago by Monday...I must be crazy as I am driving with my 25 y/o son, 20 y/o niece from Hong Kong and, my 88 y/o motherinlaw. I will let you know if I survive!Have a great holiday!

• Eliane • said...

Let's see... I just hope it's nt Zurich. All the other destinations look equaly inviting to me. Have fun, where ever you go! And takes lots of pictures!!

Camemberu said...

The 9.45pm Jetstar bound for Melbourne! But you not going there! hehe! :D