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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reinventing the Mobile Internet

Taken a few days ago at CommunicAsia. The event's way over, but here's a photo of it anyway.

One of the more popular booth, because Yahoo! was giving out ice cream with distinctly local flavours. You can view this Singapore website, IZ Reloaded for photos of it.

Did not take any photo of it, because I was asking the Yahoo people about Yahoo Go! 3.0. If own a LG KS20, it's confirmed it does not work with Yahoo Go! 3.0 I got the answer straight from them.

The other attraction was the demo by Japan's NHK about its Ultra High Definition TV. The demo was a big WOW!


angela said...

I'll leave the tech talk to the techies but I could be tempted by the icecream...

marley said...

These events are always interesting - its good to see whats new and on the way.

I like your photo of the interior of the station designed by our very own Sir. He sure knows what he is doing. Its fantastic :)

Come over to Cheltenham to see some sunny shots of Greece.