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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Scorpions at Plaza Singapura

It's the school holidays. Parents will be bringing their children out for activities and sorts. Plaza Singapura has some very interesting event on its open space. X-ploring Garden Crawlies is what it is called. It's on from 29 May till 11 June 2008.

What caught my eye, a giant scorpion.

Are you terrified of scorpions? I am!


marley said...

He doesn't look very friendly! Its so big :(

Anonymous said...

"Parents will be brining their children"!!??

The chinese will eat anything, especially in Singapore! Is there a food shortage?

Personally, I prefer kids the way they are.

• Eliane • said...

I had to laugh at "still, it is good to treat all scorpions with respect". Duh. I don't want to make friends with these guys anyways.

Olivier said...

il est impressionnant ce scorpion, j'aimerais pas le rencontrer pendant une promenade (bon c'est vrai, il n'y a pas de scorpion à Évry, donc j'ai pas grand chose à craindre)

it is impressive that scorpion, I not meet him during a walk (good it's true, there is no scorpion in Evry, so I have little to fear)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FAKE... u can tell that it's fake... it's plastic... idiots