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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drooling is permitted. Dripping is not.

These pictures are more than 1 week old. But I thought it was interesting. Everyone seems to be peeping inside this big box along Orchard Road.

I did too. :-)

It was the advertisement for the newly relaunched Magnum ice cream.
I think my sis is more interested in shoes than the ice cream. LOL...


Kris McCracken said...

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble there!

Mockingbird said...

Got pictures of Eva Longoria scantily dressed in the hole ah?

Olivier said...

c'est une exposition pour les curieux ;o). j'aime beaucoup cette idée, c'est vraiment original.

is an exhibition for the curious; o). I love this idea is truly original.

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marley said...

At least it drew the people towards it. I don't know how a shoe relates to an ice cream though?!