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Saturday, July 18, 2009

24 hour blogathon @ tangs

Some of the bloggers I know are doing this 24 hour blogathon. Guess where are they blogging from? From a department store's display window on Orchard Road.

You can read more about it at:
They started at 6 pm yesterday and will stop at 6 pm today. There are two winners who will walk away with some prizes.

If you want to support them, head down to Tangs. I did and took some photos.

It kind of reminds me of the Myer Windows in Melbourne. Almost everyone in Melbourne will visit the Myer Window display each Christmas.

Blogathon @ Tangs windows

Blogathon @ Tangs windows

This is Claudia from

This is DK from

These two are Aaron and Hillary.
Aaron's known as Geekonomics and writes on CNET Asia. (
Hillary's column is High on a Hill on CNET Asia. (

Geekonomics and Hillary

Who will win?
Two hours more to vote for them if you happen to go down to Tangs Orchard Road.


bossacafez said...

woah i love the display haha, it looks real urban & IKEA-ish :p why u never go n join them!

Unknown said...

i tot it would be tang-ish. LOL...

marley said...

Interesting window display! Lol!

DK said...

Surprised to see you pop by yesterday. Nice photo. :)

Aaron said...

Thanks for the nice photo, dropping by ytd, and for telling me my name plate was blocked! nice to meet you in person finally!

Hillary said...

Finally, can see what we look like from outside the window. DK look dazed in one photo, Nic and I look puffy-eyed. :)


claudia said...

hey! thanks for popping by! and you caught Elvin from @intel_sg in the window with Jayden and Nadia and her giant Soyjoy bar!

can email me my pic? claudialim10 (gmail) thanks!!

Ciki said...

i'd rather bike for 24hours.. sheesh :P LOL

Sally said...

what a hoot!

All the best from me at Sydney Daily Photo. I’m so busy with a new job I hardly have time to post, much less comment these days!

Ming the Merciless said...

I would run out of things to blog about after 30 minutes.

Unknown said...

Live display eh? hehe..

The nicer photo is the one with you in it izit? ;-p

Congratulations! Someone won the Lenovo eh? ;-)

Did Aaron get on your nerve? haha

Just sent u the orig size photo. (5MB over!)

Cumi & Ciki,
Are you sure? 24 hours on the bike is painful!

I have been too busy to 'travel round the world' recently too.

Those guys are pros! They blogged and twittered non stop! madness!