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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ballet under the stars

Last Saturday evening at around 6pm.

Hundreds and maybe it's thousands of people sat on the lawns of Fort Canning Green to watch 15th edition of "Ballet under the Stars". "Ballet under the Stars" is a performance by the Singapore Dance Theatre.

thousands who are going to enjoy ballet under the stars

This photo shows the people entering into Fort Canning Green.

(Not for me though, it's too humid in Singapore to sit on the lawn with hundreds of people. I also can't appreciate dance. )


Stefan Jansson said...

But you could take photos of the dancers!

Ciki said...

if you feel the humidity .. i have to say "poor dancers" !

Unknown said...

I did. One shot, and it's just posted up ;-)

Cumi & Ciki
Hmmm I did not think of it!
But the stage might be cooler. ;-)

take in paris said...

I don't know how the show is now, but I used to love this outing the most :-)

Sawadee from Bangkok.