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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

VivoCity Drummer Boys

Saw this at VivoCity on Sunday.
6 drummers drumming away can really attract a crowd. Kids were especially attracted to them.

VivoCity Drummer Boys

OK, not only kids. Adults too.

Teenagers especially want to join in!
Saw this teenager, suddenly joining in behind the drummers to 'play the fool'. :-)


Anonymous said...

The photo is good and the gal on the end made me smile. Nice shot.

Jazzy said...

they do look like toys =)
haha, like the girl at the back!

marley said...

Lol! At least he had the right trousers on!

Unknown said...

Abe Lincoln,
It made everyone there smile too. :-)

One day all toys will be very alive! we shall wait and see what technology can do!

LOL, but probably shrunk because it was thrown in the dryer for too long.

Hilda said...

LOL! I think she just wanted to pose for you! :D

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha! She made the already interesting photo a bit better I think.