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Friday, July 17, 2009

habitat - the boutique flashpackers hostel

I never knew this place existed until we were waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. I glanced and saw that it's a backpacker's hostel.

Habitat - looks good from the outside

They don't use the word backpackers, but flashpackers. There's a boutique word too!

Habitat - the boutique flashpacker hostel

I was curious why they call themselves a boutique flashpacker's hostel.

Well, take a look their website: or facebook page:

It's quite interesting. :-)

Do you stay in hostels or hotels when you travel?


Lowell said...

It is a beautiful building...I've never been in any kind of hostel much less a back/flashpacker hostel...

marley said...

Very nice. I'm a hotel kind of person!

J.C. said...
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J.C. said...

With the word 'boutique', you can bet that it's no longer a backpacker priced hostel!

I stay in hostels whenever I travel backpack.