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Monday, July 13, 2009

The queue at Singtel Comcenter...

The queue at Singtel Comcenter yesterday. The 3rd day of the launched of the Apple iPhone 3GS in Singapore and there's still a lot of people queuing for it.

Apple 3GS queue

They really have the patience. This photo was taken at 12:37 PM.
These people most probably queued from 10 AM. They will finally get their phone at around 2 PM.

(No Fastpass like in Disneyland though. LOL)

Apple 3GS queue

Sources said they were fed 3 kinds of cheese crackers to keep them happy.
Some people here still look very excited, some are visibly very tired.


Leif Hagen said...

Why didn't they give people apples to eat while they were waiting for Apple phones? Good crowd captures!

Taoism said...

Wow. So did you get one? I guess these people didn't hear about the over heating problem.

JaamZIN said...

It's cool to see your website while I am here in Singapore:) last night I saw the interview with the man that got the first iPhone:)

salem said...

So did you get one?