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Friday, July 24, 2009

Pedas pedas by Kumari Nahappan

I think this is very nice. Dried Chilli and it's named Pedas Pedas (Very Spicy / Hot).

It's located at the back of the National Museum of Singapore.

Pedas pedas by Kumari Nahappan

Pedas pedas by Kumari Nahappan

Talking about spicy, do you like spicy food?


Hilda said...

I think it's cute too!
Yes, I like spicy food, but not too hot!

Leif Hagen said...

This is a COOL sculpture and fun pic! Minneapolis has a huge cherry on a spoon sculpture at the Walker Art Center outdoor sculpture garden. Similar! Sorry I don't have a weblink for it!

marley said...

Very cool! I like spicy food but that size would blow your head off!! Lol.

arabesque said...

that's a HumoNgous red pepper ler! :-)

Ciki said...

yes yes. hot hot. like like.

corporate headshot photography singapore said...

a spicy big chili..hahaha

Unknown said...

Heard that spicy food keeps our weight in check! So eating spicy food's good! :-)

It's ok. Cherries are sweet, this one is definitely not! LOL

Yeah, and you think my head can fly all the way to Cheltenham? LOL...

Yes! Very big!
But it's tasteless though. :-p

any side effects AFTER? hehe.. I always do if i eat too much. LOL..... I become King of the Throne!

Yes, very big indeed!