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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Gas Detector

A friend picked me up and we went to have lunch at Biopolis.
Saw this in the carpark! (and took this with a phone camera, so it's grainy)

gas detector

Call me 'suaku' / 'mountain turtle' (a local term a person who hides away and do not know what's happening around), but this is the first time I have seen a gas detector.


Janet said...

Having that in a carpark is a good idea. We have carbon monoxide detectors in our home since we have gas heat.

arabesque said...

haha, in here we call that suakau
- mountain monkey! ^0^
i'm also one of them, the 1st time i've seen a gas detector.

Ciki said...



i have not seen one either. 2010 - i still owe u a pressie from 2009. sigh.. all my debts are NOT cleared.. :P

Unknown said...

Rambling Round,
Wow, we used to have a gas heater in the house, but it never cross our minds to have a gas detector then. Probably because we did not know it existed. ;-)

Haha.. I wonder what others in other countries call it. Mountain Dew? hahaha..

LOL. I have not got the time to fly to KL yet. Airasia as been spamming my mailbox with cheap flight adverts though!!

Dutchie said...

U from KL ah ?

I just got the annual utilities bill for 2009. The units of carbon emission is mentioned for the first time. I suppose it's a way to keep us reminded that we will be paying for them anytime soon :-(