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Monday, January 25, 2010

How did that car get into that parking lot?

Today as my colleagues and I was walking to get our lunch, we saw this!
We wondered how did the car get in there?

How did the car get to park there in the first place?

It's the weirdest lot in the whole car park!
We looked around, it was not those Just for Gags funny show right?


Janet said...

And WHY would the car want to park there? LOL Maybe the construction was done after the car parked?

DK said...

Actually, the poles are removable. Most likely the driver parked the car when the pole aren't there. Then some goondu go put the pole there.

Eileen. 静 said...

this is really stupid.. hahahha.. the person who placed the poles there must be really dumb dumb

Unknown said...

Rambling Round, DK,

I was wondering if it's a trick!
There was an empty lot right beside it too!

Or the person wanted to sabo his friend/colleague? haha.

Ciki said...

the car, he walked on poles.

Unknown said...

Maybe it's a transformer car!

chillycraps said...

the people at Science Faculty can perform magic :P

Photo Cache said...

this is a fantastic find. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

doesnt make sense for the poles to be there either seeing that it's on the arrow which means cars are supposed to be moving ALONG the area?

nothing makes sense in the photo, photoshop? haha

Unknown said...

Yes, it totally makes no sense. that's why i posted it.

not photoshop!