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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magic Mouse

I got a DHL package delivered to my office today. Turns out it's a surprise from the gf. I think it's suppose to be the Christmas present? haha

But when you order it online, it takes 7-10 days (this one took 2 weeks) to deliver compared to 24 hours previously. Wonder if there's going to be a new update to this hardware?

Magic Mouse

It's a magic mouse. That's the magic one resting on the Macbook Pro.

Been using the mighty mouse for years and the small little button in the middle gets on my nerves. The magic mouse solves that problem.  Almost everything about it is nice, except that it does not move as fast as I am used to on other mice.


DK said...

I think they are still running out of stock at most places.

I'm using the magic mouse too. Switched over from mighty mouse. And yes, it's a lot better. :)

Camemberu said...

Yeah that tiny fiddly button gets jammed all the time!

I also want this! But I also have a new wireless mighty mouse. Maybe I should sell that and the current wired one...hmm!

Kim said...

So, instead of the built in scroll ball, do you just move your finger in the center to scroll?
It looks beautiful!

Ciki said...

prettier mouse but less zippy.. ok la.. fair compromise;)

Unknown said...

I have not seen any of it in any shops around! During Christmas, iPods were also sold out!

The tiny button is a bit too tiny isn't it? I have to regularly clean it for it to work properly. Now I don't! Get it!

Yes, you move your finger in the center to scroll. They should have invented this long ago!

Ya, sleek looking.
I hope they have a firmware upgrade or something, to make it move faster. I have max out all the settings. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow it's beautiful. You are a lucky man! To have such a thoughtful gf ;-)
I should try this mouse, don't like the button too.
- a avid reader

Zannnie said...

wah, nice gift from your gf :D

Shekin said...

If you go to the apple website there is an app download you can get, (sorry I cant remember what its called. Its on my work machine) and it gives you extra settings for the magic mouse, inc faster scrolling :)