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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The $1000 Bus Stop Sign Poles

I have been wanting to take these new bus stop sign poles, but I did not want to take any of those near by home. (hehe... )

I saw the ones at Clementi Stadium has been replaced, and my bus was not coming anytime soon. So I took a snap.

These new poles do look so much nicer than the old ones. But they don't really come cheap though. It costs around $1000 for these poles according to this news report.  But they are to last 20 years, so I guess 1K to last 20 years should be quite all right.

Bus Stop Sign Poles

One thing I like about these sign posts are the clearly marked bus stop numbers. (Yes, every single bus stop in Singapore has its own unique number!!) Some super old poles, the numbers are totally not visible anymore.

If you are bored now and want to know what time the next bus is coming to this particular bus stop, go to this website, (under option 2) key in any of the bus number (in red background) you see in the photo and enter this bus stop number 17141.


Anonymous said...

oh i love these new bus stops poles! Coz the bus stop number is so big and i can see it properly.

Ciki said...

ya la, you singaporeans are so damn organized:P

chillycraps said...

come to think of it, the old poles must have stood there for 20 years too?

Wilmer Geraci said...

That's a fair price for such a neat and useful sign pole. It's quite unique also just like your public transport system there in Singapore. It looks well-built, so I believe that it will really last up to 20 years. I just hope they fastened the signs strong enough to the pole so that they wouldn't get stolen or damaged by a storm.