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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

15 weeks without dengue

Just happened to pass by Redhill and saw this. It says that the Redhill Rise Precinct has been free from dengue fever for 15 weeks. Since I do not live in this area, I really thought it is 15 weeks.

Out of curiosity I googled to see if Redhill was a serious dengue breakout area. Guess what I read?
Someone blogged that the same sign has been around for 15 weeks, and the 15 weeks was since Nov 2009!

15 weeks without dengue

Now that reminds me of what a colleague said today. There are many projects that are always been suggested to be implemented, but once it is up, it also happens to be the end of it. Sigh...

Does that happen to your company or yourself too? You start something and never finish it? :-p

Someone said that the gym is the most packed in January every year. But as each month passes, those who made a resolution to exercise drops out!

1 comment:

Ciki said...

wow, good one! true la.. it's all about follow through and staying power. Ultimately, you've got to love it.. and believe in it. otherwise, waste of time!

(great research!)