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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bud Naked

Saw this at a local supermarket and took a photo of it with my camera phone.

On the first glance I thought why is there refill pack of dishwashing liquid doing in this section?
Then I realise it's wine in a "plastic refill pack" packaging!

Wine in a pack? I thought it was a refill pack for washing liquid

Oh yes, the name is eye catching too! haha...

They are so innovative eh?


Anonymous said...

Interesting packaging for wine? Did you buy one to try?

Ciki said...

this is so cool! i'd serve it to my guests all the time instead of out of wine bottles, just so I can strike up a topic of conversation and be the talk of the town.. mwuahahha :p

Unknown said...

I did not buy it. I bought wine in aluminum cans before though!

you should grab a pack back next time u are in Spore eh! (but maybe it's already sold in KL somwhere)

i am sure there will be a topic for conversation back in KL. :-)

doc said...

very interesting - definitely make good gifts! how much per pack??

Unknown said...

it's on sale. it's $34.90. was in the supermart just now and saw the price.

doc said...

thanks. my daughter just got 2 for me at cold storage, i think. apparently, the promotional price will end soon & it'll be $50 thereafter.

talk of the town, heh heh!!