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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

CC6 on the Circle Line - Stadium Station

On the Circle Line MRT Line, most stations are BORING!
There are exceptions though. One of the nicer station is "CC6 - Stadium".

Doesn't it look really sleek from the outside?

Circle Line Station CC6 - Stadium

The long curvy structure and the choice of materials used, don't you think it looks like some modern art gallery?

Circle Line Station CC6 - Stadium

It's also one of the few stations with really high ceilings.

Does the prints on the tall glass looks familiar?
I thought they look similar to the ones on Nestle Milo tins, do you also think so?

Circle Line Station CC6 - Stadium

View from the train platform to the entrance of the station.

Circle Line Station CC6 - Stadium

The view from the top. I like the natural light that flows in.
Is it able to handle the crowd when there are events at the stadiums outside?At least with lots of people inside, you won't feel claustrophobic. :-)

Circle Line Station CC6 - Stadium

I don't think I will use the Circle Line often. I am waiting for the Downtown Line to be ready.


Anonymous said...

Hi, chance upon yr blog recently!

So this is how the award-winning station looked like, the other one being Bras Basah.

arabesque said...

this is very modern indeed. ^-^ gr8 architecture!