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Friday, April 09, 2010

The Old Fence...

Can you guess which building this old fence and gate was for?
Hint: It's located near the current National Museum of Singapore.

Old National Library at Stamford Road entrance

What is this lady thinking about?  Momo was probably thinking that when she was a little girl, she used to walk pass this gate.

Old National Library at Stamford Road entrance

If you still can't guess, take a look at this photo below.
This is a photo of the old National Library at Stamford Road.
Can you spot the same fence?

National Library Building Stamford Road

This last photo is from


chillycraps said...

I remember walking up the steps at the main entrance where many youngsters hanged around at the parapet wall. Then there was the courtyard inside the library. I heard the NLB building remade the same floor tiles design as the old library's courtyard.

Good old time.

Unknown said...

is it? ooo...
recreate the old in the new?

Sparklette said...

Oh man! That poor gate is all that's left of the National Library? Am I the only one who feels sad looking at that?

Unknown said...

The younger generation now have memories from the new big white library.

You miss the old library? :-(

seebist said...

i miss the old library! i remember my mom would bring us all there when my siblings and i were young. and we would have macdonalds after. *sigh*

XinLi29288 said...

I remember getting a book about the old National Library in 2005, it was a pity that I didn't even visit the old National Library despite seeing it so oftenly in the past =/

Another landmark that has found its place with the long-gone National Theatre and Van Kleef Aquarium.

oceanskies79 said...

I miss this library building. There was a time when I visited it at least twice a week.

Unknown said...

Hmmm I wonder if McDonald's is still at YMCA?

With so many libraries all around now, which one do you go to?

Such a small island, I guess many things have to make way. I wonder what's next!

Twice a week? Wow. To study there? I go every two weeks nowadays. To return the two week loan magazines ;-)

seebist said...

haha i guess not. i went to both national museum and ymca last month but didnt see any mac there. nowadays i go to the one at compass point. after borrowing my books i go starbucks instead. ;)

Unknown said...

Sometimes, if you pass the place without looking, you might not even notice things are gone!

It's now more upmarket eh? ;-)

SZA said...

I was working in the basement (aka the dungeon) of that old National Library building for nearly 5 years but I too can't guess which building the fences belong too, because they were covered with greeneries back then. It's definitely sad for many of use to see the brick building gone. May be what's left of the building (not sure if it is still there now - sorry for the long delay in putting up the comments) we should acknowledge by putting up a proper plaque to remind us a favorite rendezvous for many of us. The memory covers many phases of my lives - pre-school days of attending storytelling sessions, school days of reading fairy tales between the tall shelves, undergraduate days of doing research in the Reference Library, post-graduate days of researching on library science materials in the damp stacks of the library, and of course working lives in the dungeon among new books and magazines.

Unknown said...

LOL.. The dungeon. :-)

Do you prefer the new library?