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Monday, April 26, 2010

In Memory of Ben Mok - Pedal On...

I have been wanting to take this photo since last month. I finally took it yesterday. You probably have read it in the newspapers.

Ben was struck down by a drunk driver. A fine young life ended at a tender age of 35.
If you want a leave a message to the family. Visit:

Ben Mok Pedal On

A larger photo of this bike available here

A notice from the Traffic Police. This has been around for a month,  they are still appealing for witnesses.

Ben Mok Pedal On


Kate said...

We have a very obvious "ghost bike" on one of our city streets in an area where a biker should not have been killed. Our city has lots of cyclists and is trying to educate them and car drivers on each individual's responsibility. There are too many careless drivers on both sets of vehicles!

Bill said...

It is always very sad when a cyclists gets run over, but by a drunken driver is unforgivable. I hope they caught the driver.

Gunn said...

Strong photos and clear messages!
Somewhere a driver must be aware of what happened!

Unknown said...

Kate, Bill, Gunn,

Ya, we need to educate both motorist and cyclist.

The driver must be living in guilt I think.

arabesque said...

i hope the suspect will realize some sense in his heart to face what he's done. terrible accident, totally unforgivable. :(
will his conscience not bother him for the rest of his life?!