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Monday, April 12, 2010

Queenstown Community Library

This is the Queenstown Community Library.

With the National Library at Stamford Road closed on 31 March 2004 and subsequently demolished, this is currently the oldest library in Singapore.

Queenstown Community Library

How often do you visit the library?
I visit it once every two weeks. (Why? To return my library books and get new ones.)

I have a premium membership so I can borrow up to 8 books at one time.
I borrow all kinds of books! Can you guess the titles of the books I borrowed these 2 weeks?


Ciki said...

use to be more often in the UK. now ar, just to return my books!! LOL

MCCasey said...

Don't go to the library now that I own a Kindle...

chillycraps said...

the paint job seems... weird :S

Anonymous said...

thats quite sad they're demolishing the library and the stadium in Singapore :(

Unknown said...

if you are there to return your books, u should be there to borrow as well right?

I have kindle app on my iPhone, but i still like paper! I wonder if iPad will change that. ;-)

I wonder if it is the original colour?

this library is staying! (for the time being) hehe..

arabesque said...

i thought there's just the nat'l library, haha, silly me!
i don't really visit our library here, don't ask, it's hopeless, but i do buy cheaper books in a famous 2nd hand, which has more variety to choose from.^0^