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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kallang Theatre

Happened to walk pass and realise Kallang Theatre is still around!
It had ceased operations since 31 March 2007 after the 'durian' was in operation for about 5 years.

Kallang Theatre

I think many locals have memories of this place.

- Long long ago, the NUS Convocations were held.
- National Day Rally speeches were held there too.
- Les Misérables was also performed there with subtitles!

What's your story about this place?

I wonder if they are going to open up this place again? The new Circle Line Stadium Station is just next to it! It's so convenient to get there now!

1 comment:

Big Cow said...

oooh... i remember watching Les Misérables with subtitles at Kallang Theater :D