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Monday, April 05, 2010

Quest for Immortality @ National Museum of Singapore

It was the last day of the "Quest for Immortality" exhibition at National Museum of Singapore yesterday.

I had a free entrance ticket (the special gallery costs $15 to enter usually) and thought I should use it since it is the last day of the exhibition. When I got there, there were long queues everywhere!

It was the Museum Open Day and all the different galleries were free for all! Everyone was there for the freebie day. (My free ticket was useless! It was free for all!)

I SMS my cousin and let her know and she and her dad came too!
Just showing one set of photos from the exhibition.

Horus and Horemheb

The Horus and Horemheb Statues.

Horus and Horemheb

The queue to this particular gallery was long. Even MediaCrop TV crew were there to interview the public.
I like the expression of the little boy!

Long queues...

When we left the National Museum, we saw the queue was all the way out to the road outside!


Ciki said...

i heard sporeans are really good at queuing too! :P

Miso said...

Lucky I was there very early, don't need to queue. Spent one full day at 3 museums! Your photo of Horus and Horemheb statues was so well captured! How did u do that??