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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Law School becomes the IT School

On what used to be the Law Library is now the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore.

This is the frontage of the main building that houses the School. They recently moved from the other side of campus beside Science, to this new location beside Business and Arts & Social Sciences. Rumours says that it is to bring together the nerdy and geeky IT pple nearer to the more
artsy and pretentious Arts and Business students. LOL

Lots of changes and excitement in the school. New location and heard there's a new Dean too.

Are you from an IT School? If yes, where from?

Click here to view the location at Earth@Sg


Dijah said...

Well,its a good thing if they want the students to mix around or else it will never happen.Maybe there's something else behind moving beside the Business and Arts & Social Sciences.Entah-lah siapa yang tahu?:)

Anonymous said...

I'm from School of Information Systems, SMU... =)

Anonymous said...

Im from NUS school of computing. I think its juz a rearrangement for science to expand bah...

Anonymous said...

yeah, so sad. SOC has been "evicted" from its home of close to 2 decades