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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blood Moon Eclipse

These few days there's lots of interesting stuff in the sky eh? First the icebow, and today the eclipse.

Discovery Channel was providing a live webcast of the Blood Moon Eclipse. Did you all catch the eclipse? Well, it was raining and pouring, just a gloomy day in Singapore, so you can't see anything when you are in Singapore, but thanks to Discovery, it was streamed live over the internet.

I was watching it on my PC at work. How silly of me, not to take the photo when the moon was covered. It was only when it's over then I realise I should have taken a photo of it!

Anyway, more photos etc will be provided by Discovery at

Friends from Australia, did you all catch it? I was watching it from the feed from the Queensland and Tasmania observatory.


Olivier said...

dommage je l'ai rate, sinon c'etait une bonne idee ce site internet

damage I have it spleen, if not it was a good idea this Internet site

Meg said...

Oh, you cheat!

Lavenderlady said...

I missed it too,,,and was away so I did not have access to the internet. Wonder if they are still running it.

Ben Nakagawa said...

Yeah, you should have tried. I would liked to see how good/bad in other country. Well, you mentioned you had rain so it could be a difficult anyway. Good on you that you found the live feed and watching!

Dijah said...

I read it in the newspapers.But I forgot about it.