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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Greenies in the greyish stuff.

Many of you from overseas might not seen this. This is a local delicacy. A Teochew food. (Teochew is a clan).

I think its something that needs an acquired taste.

It's called Ku Chai Kueh. "Ku Chai" is garlic chives. Kueh can be tranlasted as Cake, or Tapas in Spanish.

So you can call this it's Asian Chives Tapas. Try it next time you come to Singapore.


Bleu said...

I would certainly give it a try. It looks good!

Kate said...

The inside looks wonderful, but I have reservations about the shell. What is it made of??

Olivier said...

cela donne envie...Hummm...Je note, j'espere que je vais en trouver à Paris.

that gives desire… Hummm… I note, I hope that I will find some in Paris.

Anonymous said...

it taste very nice with sweet source and garlic chili sorce.

Dijah said...

I've heard of it before.Oh,yummy!

Ming the Merciless said...

I love ku chai and I ate quite a lot of ku chai kueh when I was in M'sia.

gorjess said...

nice and green would love to try it...

Stuttfótur said...

I love dumplings and garlic - so this looks like a perfect combination! Look out - I'm on my way! :D

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you think this is an acquired taste. It is the best out of all the kuehs!!!!!

Unknown said...


You should. it taste good!

The dumpling skin is soft and made of glutinous flour. chewy!

Maybe you might in some chinese restaurants in Paris.

Yeah, some people pour so so so much sweet sauce and the chilli sauce on it.

Memang sedap. I ingat ada yang halal kat KL.

You love ku chai too! Not everyone does. They rugi. hehe..

Way to go! Try it.

Ooo.. you like dumplings too :-)

Health Nut,
Don't you think so, some people i know just detest the smell of ku chai. hehe..

Anonymous said...

wah so delicious. Haven't had this for a long long time.