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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Music on Orchard

Just happen to see this in front of Paragon, a shopping mall at Orchard Rd this afternoon.
No players, I must have missed it.

Do you play any musical instruments?


Kate said...

Outdoor concerts are one of the perks of summer, at least here in the Midwest. No instruments, but I play lots of CD's!!

Anonymous said...

Outdoors is the sound of music we all hear but miss. I like the possibilities this scene offered.

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Dijah said...

Should be nice to hear a mini orchestra while you're walking down the street.

I play piano and flute.But I've already stopped taking flute.

Olivier said...

c'etait dans un kiosque à musique ? malheureusement je ne joue d'aucun instrument de musique et je le regrette

it was in a bandstand? unfortunately I do not play of any musical instrument and I regret it

Anonymous said...

The instrument at the left foreground looks familiar... ;)

Jazzy said...

oh i can sing, i'll leave playing instruments to others.

Meg said...

This is kind of a strange pic with no musicians... Have they been abducted by the music police?