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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Crowd Beside the Merlion

Yesterday's photo had people who chose the picnic way to enjoy the fireworks.
These people here enjoy crowding with the Merlion :-)

Just look at how packed it is!


Anonymous said...

Were you perched high up on the crane to get these??

Great work on your blog today and a very appropriate picture.

I've just racked up two years at South Shields Daily Photo and I hope to be passing here in two years time to compliment you again! Keep up the good work!
Thanks to everyone who has passed by and left a comment or some encouragement, it makes it all worthwhile.

from Curly at South Shields Daily Photo

Kate said...

This obviously is a very popular place. I couldn't help but notice how predominant the colour red is. Is there significance to that?

Unknown said...

Southshield DP,
Congratulations on the 2 years! wow!

Red and white is sort of the 'national colour' of Singapore. It's the colour of the country's flag. :-)

Mavis Ang said...

nice! it looks like an angry mob is trying to force the merlion to jump into the river. haha.

Olivier said...

c'est impressionnant, tout ce monde. Et je trouve qu'avec cette vue, la statue de la fontaine est encore plus magnifique et imposante.

is impressive, this entire world. And I think that with this view, the statue of the fountain is even more magnificent and imposing.

alicesg said...

Nice photoshot of the crowd. You must have taken the photo from your hotel room. Cool.

You wont find me in But my family were in Red and White too enjoying karaoke before heading home to watch the parade on TV.

Mockingbird said...

Can't congregate on the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, so they pack everywhere else around the bay.

Anonymous said...

Great shot there.

Wanted to join the crowd and get some nice pics of the crowds, planes and performers but decided to have a quiet and comfortable afternoon/evening at home with family this NDP.