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Saturday, August 16, 2008

National Day Picnic

Taken exactly one week ago. Many people were seated at a grass patch beside Marina Square, waiting to admire the fireworks display later in the night.

But everyone evacuated half an hour later when rain started to pour. Despite that, the show went on ;-)


marley said...

Great ariel photo. It looks like you were in a helicopter!

Anonymous said...

Great top view shot of the crowds Keropok. Next year i might join them and bring some snack & beer.

Steve Buser said...

From the looks of the light available, they got there very early. It must have gotten very crowded by the time they shot the first fireworks.

Bill said...

So from this vantage point, I assume you were one of the fireworks? :)

Nilmandra said...

Love the aerial shot. Too bad it rained!

Mockingbird said...

too bad for these spectators, they didn't have the NDP goodie bag which included a raincoat.

Unknown said...

Hmm. i never thought of that. I was on i think the 10th floor of a building next to it :-)

what snacks will you bring? Keropok? haha...

yes, it was like a few hours before the whole thing is to start.

LOL. Yes, i was the 'bright' one.

ya, the rain ruined it for some people. but everyone was happy that day.

did you go? did you get a goodiebag? :-)