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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Building of a gambling den

They have a nice name for it. It's called an Integrated Resort.
But it's essentially a big gambling den right?

View of the Sentosa IR being built, from the Cable Car ride.
It's suppose to keep the economy going. Do you think so?


Diederick Wijmans said...

I have very pleasant memories of beautiful Sentosa of some years ago!!
I hope they are not going to spoil it by building more of these money-making facilities.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks almost done. I hope it will not attract too many people to the gambling dens. It surely to spoil families.

Newbiekenobi said...

I think it's sad that they are building not one but TWO large casinos on a small island. One would be bad enough but TWO?

Saretta said...

It will bring in the casino. Hope the ecological damage is worth it to the local economy!

alicesg said...

Nice view of the casino. They are building universal studio there. I guess I would go there for the theme park. My family and siblings dont gamble so we will contribute to the economy by visiting the theme park. :) Now I dont have to visit the universal studio in Japan where they speak Japanese and I wont be able to take the long flight to America. So Universal Studio in Singapore is ideal to people like me. I hope they keep the entrance fee low. I heard they would have resorts like hotel at universal studio so we can have short holiday there and have our yearly BBQ celebration too just like what we did at downtowneast.

Mockingbird said...

it's more than just a nice gambling den. i can't wait to take the thrill rides at the new Universal Studios theme park when it's completed :)

Anonymous said...

Of corse it will keep the economy going Keropok Man, in ever decreasing circles.....gurgle.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Sentosa will forever be having on going developments. Every time I am there, there's a "oh.. that's new..".

hope so too.

ah boy,
ask the authorities. *puzzled too*

and also it wont damage family life.

we shall see what happens. why not a resort without the casino component. hmmmm

oo.. you love rides eh?


Curly said...

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Roses said...

Singapore definitely has ways to keep the money showering in..
feeding on humans' weakness and greediness is smart way to ensure continuous flow of cash

Anonymous said...

Great shot there Keropok.

Definitely will keep the economy expanding for a few years...more tourists, more gamblers, more jobs for the locals, etc.. But once the initial uphoria cools down, and understand several countries in the region are also planning similar type of IR/casino, so maybe quite challenging (the casino business)in the long run.

It's also another attraction/image for the country.

Can't wait to the openning and try to beat the house :-)

Bill said...

I always hate to see the gambling places being built. They tend to have such a negative impact on the people and towns they reside in. In Cripple Creek Colorado they legalized gambling a number of years ago, and all the residents ended up moving because they could not afford the increased taxes that resulted. They did get good prices for their property, but the community basically went away.

I have been to Las Vegas a few times, and it always seems so oppressive to me, even though they are doing a good job at making the place more "family friendly". That is a relative term however :)

All that being said, this does look like a neat place to visit, especially if you like to get on the water!