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Sunday, August 10, 2008

View of NDP from our hotel room

This was yesterday's view from the hotel room of the NDP.
We could see the stage, but humans are a bit too small. LOL... The sound was clear though.

Unzoom and this is what we saw. Plus the bay and the merlion. (not seen in this photo)

But we did see lots of fireworks live.
I can't really take fireworks photo.

Our other friend took nicer ones. I video the rest instead on my little point and click.

For scenes we could not really see, there's always the TV broadcast that provided the zoom ;-)


brian stout said...

great shots!

marley said...

Oh wow, it looks brilliant. I think you guys had the best plan. Excellent shots.

alicesg said...

Wow lucky you for being able to watch the parade from the hotel room. I could only be contended to watch from my Beautiful photos. Love the fireworks.

DK said...


Did you go to Suntec to take photos of the uncasing of colours? :)

Unknown said...

That was last year. This year just hide inside hotel room and chit chat and makan makan. hehe..

Read few days ago that you are a few buildings away too. Cleverly hiding in the aircon rooms. :-)

Unknown said...

Brian, Marley, Alice,
Thanks :-)

Olivier said...

waouhh...un superbe show de toutes les couleurs, bravo pour les photos

waouhh ... a superb show of all colors, bravo for photos

Unknown said...

Awesome view I would say! :)