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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

The entrance to the children's garden.

Was told that adults are not allowed? :-(

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden Website


marley said...

Thats rather stylish. Great design.

Olivier said...

magnifique, on dirait un papillon.

magnificent, it looks like a butterfly.

Hamzah said...

It's true, adults not allowed unless you tag along a little kid. But I managed to enter by giving my personal particulars and phone number.

Mockingbird said...

Adults would wreck the play equipment meant for kids.

Unknown said...

Yeah, it has a nice design like a big butterfly.

Looks like I have to baby sit my cousin in order to get in! hehe..

mockingbird, responsible adults wont wreck it :-)

Anonymous said...

there will b a butterfly park at Terminal 3, isn't that just superb!

must check it out once its ready.