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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow, the road signs are actually cleaned!

I never knew that road name signs were cleaned until today!

I learn something new everyday. I now know why the road name signs always look so clean and new. ;-)


Anonymous said...

me did not know that too :)

this is singapore after all ! :)

chillycraps said...

king albert park!!

Unknown said...

yup ;-)

your favourite place to hang out is behind is it? ;-)

Wayne said...

I knew Singapore was clean but that's amazing. We can barely manage to sweep the streets here.

Bill said...

Please send them over to do my windows!

marley said...

Well who would have thought it! Nice capture of the unusual :)

joanqiqi (: said...

nice and clean singapore! keep it up!
i would prefer the toilets to be cleaned frequently too! especially MRTs toilets!

Anonymous said...

every little thing is done by someone out there which gives singapore its clean & green pride.
:) always appreciate them cleaners & sweepers near our HDBs. if they are resting, heck, let them be. :)

Sally said...

WOW! Now that is a VERY Singapore shot!

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