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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Starhub HD Set-Top Box

One more day to go, and preparation started last week. What preparation did I hear you asked? Watching the Olympics on High Definition on TV.

Many household, including ours, got the High Definition Set-Top Box from our cable TV company so that we could watch High Definition broadcast of the Beijing Olympics on the Free-to-air channel HD5. Plus we get 6 dedicated Olympic channels on cable TV too. Hmmm TV addicts rejoice!

(Sounds weird? Oxymoron? Cable TV Set-top box for free-to-air TV? Yes! It's the cheapest way too. )

We are ready. HD Ready. 8 PM tomorrow!
Yes, Singapore and Malaysia have the same timezone as Beijing, China ;-)

For those in Singapore, the HD5 schedule's here.


Anonymous said...

Finally, there is more HD content here in SG... just a little at a time of coz!

Kris McCracken said...

So what is the most popular TV show in Singapore?

• Eliane • said...

It's getting closer indeed!

Good luck to the SG athletes. Who are the shining stars?

Mockingbird said...

how much do you have to pay for this HD box?

Unknown said...

finally! it was a slow and painful wait....

This few weeks it will be the Olympics? hehe

The table-tennis?

you wont believe it. technically, 15 cents! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ya, the image quality is superb. enjoyed it on Ch 300.

Check my blog for screen captures