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Friday, September 26, 2008

F1 Practice Race, Singapore Grand Prix

Momo was fortunate to gain access to the Formula One Paddock Club earlier this afternoon.
Here's some photos that she took.

If you are going to the race, enjoy!

Was looking at my facebook updates, friends working at the national library could also hear the roar of the engines.

Kinda reminds me of the Melbourne Grand Prix. I would smell the rubber and deafening noise at home! You could just turn the TV on, turn off the sound, and listen to the roar of the engines and smells from the air LIVE! :-)


Sherry said...

Oh I would love to drive the orange Smart car! It's gorgeous!

Mockingbird said...

Nice. Nicer to catch sharp shots of F1 cars zooming past at 280km/h though :) A real test of what the DSLR's super-fast shutter speed ;)

Unknown said...

I have a feeling you like all things orange? :-p

Maybe next year :-)